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The Dino-Lite digital microscope has helped users around the world increase their productivity in a wide range of mundane to mission-critical applications. Due to its superior image quality, compact form factor, and ease-of-use, this product has quickly risen to a dominant position in the marketplace. From its initial success, the product line has expanded to include hundreds of models ( and accessories) to fulfill specific customer needs. As a result, the Dino-Lite microscope is now an indispensable tool in multiple market sectors, such as Laboratory, academics, Industrial, manufacturing, quality control, forensic investigation, healthcare, Science and education, valuable goods (Hobbies / Jewelry / Coins / Stamps / Antiques / Art restoration / Culture preservation).

Dino-Lite Basic AM2111 

Dino-Lite Premier AM3113T 

AM4113ZT with Polarizer

AM4115ZT Dino-lite Edge  - Dino-lite Mobile  

AM4112PT output TV (PAL)

AMH-EUT EarScope
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AM4113-N5UT NailScope Dino-Lite Pro - more models

SW-F1 foot pedal

RK-10 Rack

MS-08B Rack

KM-01 knob motor

MS33W Flexible desktop stand with mini focus

MS25X Inspection turn table

MSAA501 Tongue Depressor

FC-L-FB1 and FC-L-FB2 Adapters

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